The holidays should be a time to reflect, enjoy friends and family and most importantly enjoy all the YUMMY and DELICIOUS food that comes along with the fall leaves, cold weather, and crisp white snow. Why does this activity become so stressful for many? It is time to prepare for the 2019 season to arrive with not only confidence but enjoyment. Exercising and keeping active is the start to being able to treat yourself. Feel free to add in some higher intensity workouts and even an extra workout in your week leading up to your holiday events. You are guaranteed to feel not as much guilt and your body will return the favor by continuing to process and burn those unwanted calories. Eat smarter. What does that mean? Enjoy each and every bite of what is on your plate. Take your time and as my grandmother use to tell me “Chew your food 50 times”……… this seems silly but it will help with proper digestion and fill your tummy without feeling over stuffed. Be aware of how many alcoholic beverages you are consuming as these empty calories can easily rack up and override all of your hard work leading up to the Holidays. During this holiday season be sure to have a great time, enjoy, and let your hard work pay off!

Happy and Healthy Holiday Cheer to all!!