JL F.I.T. trainer Jenny Farber uses kettlebells and body movement to help build strength, endurance and agility focusing on techniques that help master the skills needed to maintain a lifetime of fitness.  Jenny VIRTUALLY brings the gym to you – whether to your home or business.

Our VIRTUAL PERSONAL TRAINING programs can help you achieve wellness with customized programs for your unique body, needs and individual health fitness goals.

JL F.I.T.  will help you achieve desired results utilizing caloric intake and exercise programs.  Activities are customized to fit your weight and fitness goals.

Jenny utilizes her knowledge of the seven layers of muscle tissue to maximize your workouts.  Our conditioning programs will help achieve improvement in weight control, flexibility, balance and injury prevention; all leading to maintenance of overall good health.

Whether your goal is weight loss, increased strength, improved conditioning, flexibility, or injury prevention, JL F.I.T. will design a VIRTUAL program that is right for you. Our programs include:

  • Customized Programming
  • Cardio Programming
  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Sports Injury Prevention

Personal Training Service Pricing


4 weeks
8 Sessions
Each person is $57/session

$912.00 Total

6 weeks
12 Sessions
Each person is $52.25/session

$1254.00 Total

8 weeks
16 Sessions
Each person is $47.50/session

$1520.00 Total

12 weeks
24 Sessions
Each person is $42.75/session

$2052.00 Total

3x's a week

4 weeks $71.50/session
12 Sessions


6 weeks $66.75/session
18 Sessions


8 weeks $62.00/session
24 Sessions


12 weeks $57.25/session
36 Sessions


2x's a week

4 weeks $71.50/session
8 Sessions


6 weeks $66.75/session
12 Sessions


8 weeks $62.00/session
16 Sessions


12 weeks $57.25/session
24 Sessions


Payment Options: Pay in Full, or Pay half up front and half at the half-way point


If you are looking for a hardcore strength and conditioning workout to help you rapidly burn fat you found it! The JL F.I.T. Kettlebell and Movement class involves dozens of different exercises performed in specially developed circuits to keep your heart pumping and calories burning! We are not content with the standard 5-10 Kettlebell exercises that other gyms use; instead we incorporate a variety of movements and exercise variations to help you constantly progress and stay entertained.

$320.00- Per Person-$20.00/ per class (PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO THE 8 WEEK PROGRAM BEGINNING).

8 week program at 2x’s a week = 16 One Hour Classes Location to be determined by each group.

$160.00- Per Person-$20.00/per class (PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO THE 4 WEEK PROGRAM BEGINNING).

4 week program at 2x’s a week=8 One Hour Classes Location to be determined by each group.


JL F.I.T. offers a 5% discount to new and current personal training programs when you two new clients who purchase memberships.*

*New client must sign up for a JL F.I.T program.

Making JL F.I.T part of your company’s wellness program will help employees achieve their fitness goals, burn energy and refocus for better work performance. For hosting an event, get 20% of all monies earned. 

Our class offerings include:

  • High Intensity Kettlebell Training
  • High Intensity Bodyweight Training
  • Beginner Kettlebell Training
  • Jazz, Dance, & Stretch
  • Kettlebell Introduction, Movement, & Injury Prevention Workshop

We cater to everyone’s fitness level through the incorporation of timed-sets, and exercise & weight variation.

Kettlebell Intro, Movement & Injury Prevention Workshop

Kettlebells offer a wide array of benefits from functional strength to extreme conditioning to enhanced agility. Set up a kettlebell workshop at your studio and your students will learn how to safely and effectively utilize kettlebells and perfect kettlebell exercise form. Proper movement, injury prevention, bodyweight training techniques, and more will also be covered.

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Intro to Bodyweight Training, Movement & Injury Prevention Workshop

If you’re ready to learn about proper movement, injury prevention, bodyweight training techniques, and more, don’t miss this comprehensive, beginner-level workshop.

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Advanced Bodyweight Training for Strength, Conditioning & Agility

During the this workshop, you’ll learn how to utilize your bodyweight to increase your strength and conditioning like never before. Better yet, you’ll learn how to control your body to practice and eventually master advanced
bodyweight exercises like the Handstand, 1-Arm Push Up, Planche Push Up, Kip Up, Hand Spring, and more!

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Stretching for Mobility, Injury Prevention & Relaxation Workshop

Are you ready to increase your flexibility? Are you ready to prevent injury, increase your mobility, and learn how to relax through fast and effective stretch routines? Let us show you how!

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What Jenny’s clients are saying:

Omaha Personal Trainer JLFIT Logo

” While initially skeptical about a remote trainer, I found my way with this amazing trainer very quickly.  You don’t need any special equipment and only very little space.  I am seriously challenged every session and results are evident after only a few sessions.  The online forum is private, secure and equivalent to face to face training.  Jenny is great with verbal cues and pays attention to your form, while still kicking your butt.  Couldn’t ask for better”!





Eric B.