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JL F.I.T. will take your personal training program to the next level, helping you achieve results faster than ever before. Our programs are designed to get you maximum results in the most efficient ways possible, with both nutrition and exercise. We customize the program to your unique body, needs, and individual health fitness goals.

Bringing the Gym to You

You provide the space and we take care of the rest. We work with kettlebells and body movement. By focusing all of our efforts on these two techniques, we’ll help you quickly master the skills you need to maintain a lifetime of strength, endurance, and agility.

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What Jenny's clients are saying:

“I initially came to Jenny, wanting a training program to run a half marathon.  Running was fairly new to me; I had been a dancer my whole life, but because of an injury, had to find an alternate way to stay in shape.  The nutritional advice and support I’ve received from Jenny has helped me to maintain a weight that is healthy for me, and I have more energy now than I have in years.  The training we do is always changing.  Jenny has taught me that it is important to always challenge myself, and not get stuck always doing the same workout.  Whether it is Kettlebells , Cardio, Strength Training, Injury preventative exercises, or dance conditioning.  Jenny is a true expert in her field.  I have seen significant  improvements in my muscle tone, in my strength and her motivation keeps me motivated to push myself further.  My experience working with Jenny has really been life changing, and I am stronger now than I ever believed I would be.”

Jennifer K.