Are you aware that there are multiple ways to breathe?  It is a very crucial part in being able to relax, contract and successfully perform exercises.  Does your body know what relaxed feels like?  It takes practice to train your mind and body to become acclimated in relaxing.  Stress and Anxiety play big roles in our breathing techniques.  This causes discomfort and or heightened sensitivity that are not really issues at all.  Relaxation can aid in greater blood flow into the muscles, decrease waste products that may build up making our muscles swollen and stiff which can limit our (ROM) range of motion.  A few different forms of relaxed breathing can avoid this. Which one will work best for you?

  1. Visualization Breathing- Imagine being in your ideal place.  The woods, water, beach, or in the comfort of your home.  Think about who, what, where, why, when and how.  How does it make you feel?  Practice this technique in a quiet and calm area for 10-15 minutes a day and let all the negative fade away.
  2. Abdominal Breathing- Focus on the air that is moving in and out of your belly by taking 10 breaths that are purposeful and relaxing.  You can also place one hand on your stomach below your rib cage to assist in your awareness of the feeling.
  3. Relaxation Breathing: Crank up Abdominal Breathing with some added intensity. Take a deep inhalation for a count of 5. Hold your breath as your belly is full of air for 5 secs & expel the air from your lungs for 5-7 seconds.