A successful program includes mental conditioning as well as, physical activity.  A proper diagnosis from a spine specialist doctor would be ideal.  Exercise and healthy nutrition choices are two key areas in keeping your body functioning properly.  Choosing the correct exercises to strengthen structures and muscle groups specific to the troubled area in the spine will bring many benefits.


  1.  Sending healthy oxygenated blood to the troubled area which can be achieved with modalities and workouts in the pool.  There will be less stress on the joints.
  2. It will be more comfortable to maneuver through daily activities if light, static and controlled stretching is part of a daily routine.
  3.  Movement and stretching is very important on a daily basis.  This will keep the spine and surrounding extremities lubricated and as loose as possible.


  1. A balanced nutritional plan will help keep inflammation down around the neck/spine.
  2. The body is sensitive and can react in a negative way of fats & sugars.  They can cause discomfort of compression in the weak area.
  3. WEIGHT is only a number and can be a reason for adding additional stress to joints on the spine.  Find a healthy, comfortable weight for your specific body type, and lifestyle will help with any acute or chronic neck/spine conditions.

Being disciplined and patient with Neck or Spine discomfort is KEY.  Communication and open dialog with your providers, physical therapists, and other specialists will guide you in the right direction.  This will help your body become more stabilized and stronger than ever.