Benefits of the JL F.I.T. Classes

JL F.I.T. Gym Kettlebell Boot Camp
If you're looking for rapid fat loss, crazy gains in strength and agility, and a lean body, JL F.I.T. Classes are perfect for you! JL F.I.T. offers a series of daily classes that can help you achieve your fitness goals, including Beginner Kettlebells, High Intensity Kettlebells, High Intensity Bodyweight Training, Zumba, and Jazz, Dance, & Stretch sessions. During these workouts, you'll constantly learn new kettlebell and bodyweight exercises that will challenge you while also keeping you entertained. 
JL F.I.T. Trainers aren't content to have you repeat the same monotonous exercises throughout each workout, instead, we vary both the exercises and techniques to give you a full-body workout that will have you hungry for more (after you recover of course)! In addition, we cater to each individual's fitness level through the incorporation of timed-sets, and exercise & weight variation. That's why you'll never find that the workouts are getting easier, even if you're ten times stronger, faster, and more agile than when you started!

At JL F.I.T., we believe that the only way you're going to get results is by giving you a variety of highly efficient classes to chose from. That's why we offer multiple classes and times, and allow you to purchase JL F.I.T. "Punch Cards" that can be used at any one of them. In addition to the daily kettlebell, bodyweight, movement, and stretch classes available, you can also use one or more (depending on the cost of the workshop) to attend the occasional  "Skills" Workshop, held on a Saturday. Boot Campers will also be able to participate in monthly events, including hikes and competitions as they become available.
All of our programs have a core focus based on The Machine Principle:
What exactly are JL F.I.T. Class Workouts? Class Workouts are intense exercise sessions that challenge every muscle in your body. By rapidly moving from exercise to exercise with little rest in between, you can tone and firm muscles while getting a good cardiovascular workout. Exactly what are the benefits of the JL F.I.T. Class Workouts?
  1.  Rapidly burn more calories
  2.  Get a great aerobic workout and do your strength training at the same time
  3.  Be mentally and physically challenged throughout the entire Boot Camp, leaving no opportunity for boredom
  4.  Build your confidence by seeing and feeling results right off the bat
  5.  Learn a variety skills that will assist you in living a healthy lifestyle

Available Classes:

At JL F.I.T., we believe that workout variation, in both technique and objective, is essential to a balance fitness regimen.
  • High Intensity Kettlebell Training
  • High Intensity Bodyweight Training
  • Beginner Kettlebell Training
  • Jazz, Dance, & Stretch
  • Zumba
  • Kettlebell Introduction, Movement, & Injury Prevention Workshop
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Small Group Kettlebell & Movement Class Special:

JL F.I.T is currently offering a special on small group classes. 
  •  $240 / per person ( paid in full) prior to class program beginning
  •  8 week program at 2x's a week= 16 one hour classes
Location:  To Be Determined by Each Group