How to Breathe Workshop with Jenny Farber
If you're looking to enhance your strength, conditioning, and overall well-being, don't overlook the importance of proper breathing! During this 2-hour workshop, Jenny Farber will be teaching you how to breathe properly for both exercise and relaxation.
Proper breathing technique can benefit many aspects of your life. It is useful for exercise, sleeping, meditation and in situations where stress management is necessary. Breathing techniques vary among situations. There are techniques for relaxing with positive visualization and techniques for certain types of exercise. In this course, you will learn different methods of breathing using your nose, mouth, lung and making sure that you are flushing out the old Oxygen and bringing in the new to allow your body to perform at its very best level.
This workshop will include the following:
  • Learn how to breathe properly through your nose, mouth, and lungs
  • Natural Breathing, Dyaphramic Breathing, and Relaxation/Meditation Breathing
  • Learn how to breathe differently based on specific activities
This workshop is available worldwide. In the USA, the workshop must be at least thirty (30) days out from today. Outside the USA, the workshop must be sixty (60) days out from today. The facility must provide all attendees with kettlebells.

Cost per Attendee
Class Capacity
Host Cut
$40 20 Jenny Farber
6 hours