Stretching for Mobility, Injury Prevention, and Relaxation Workshop with Jenny Farber

Are you ready to increase your flexibility? Are you ready to prevent injury, increase your mobility, and learn how to relax through fast and effective stretch routines? Let us show you how! 
We need to allow our bodies and muscles to relax. We tend to overexert ourselves by multi-tasking in our daily lives; you work long hours with increasingly demanding family  obligations, tasks that keep our hearts racing with no breaks for our bodies and muscles. Having tight muscles and joints may cause high blood pressure, headaches,asthma,shoulder and back pain. These extra stresses can eventually lead to injuries. Stretching in all forms (active, dynamic, or isometric) will teach you new ways to breath, move, relax, and improve your concentration. Learning small movements from head to toe that can be done throughout the day will keep you loose and healthy. 
  • Learn active, dynamic, and isometric stretches.
  • Learn how to find balance in all of your daily hussel and bussel.
  • Learn how to relieve your chronic pain by opening up your joint channels while also keeping them agile and lubricated.
  • Learn fast and effective stretch routines that can be done daily with a minimal investment in time.
This workshop is available worldwide. In the USA, the workshop must be at least thirty (30) days out from today. Outside the USA, the workshop must be sixty (60) days out from today.

Cost per Attendee
Class Capacity
Host Cut
$40 20 Jenny Farber
2 hours