To assist & help clients of all ages build endurance & improve overall health. Using a combination of different fitness regimens & the graceful movements of dance creates an environment that makes exercise challenging, fun &, successful.  It is important to incorporate all of the listed core concepts to ensure that your entire body is equally strong, agile, & in peak performing condition.

The Machine Principles focuses on these core concepts:


An underpowered body limits your abilities and is injury prone in real-world situations


Gassing out at the wrong moment is dangerous (and sometimes pathetic)


A body that doesn’t move correctly is malfunctioning or will malfunction because of improper use. A body that can move properly stays balanced reducing chances of injury.

Joint Mobility:

Proper lubrication of your joints prevents breakdowns and extends the functional life of your body


Efficient training with precise form is essential for optimum performance, constantly running your body hard will lead to a shorter functional lifespan. No pain no gain will turn you into a run down piece of equipment in no time due to injury. Recovery methods are in integral part of this process.


While form follows function, you can enhance your figure while also following the other concepts


In order to perform optimally, your body needs proper fuel