Benefits of Personal Training

Personal Training with JL F.I.T. Gym
 JL F.I.T. will take your personal training program to the next level, helping you achieve results faster than ever before. Our personal training programs are designed to get you maximum results in the most efficient ways possible with both diet and exercise. We customize the program to your unique body, needs, and individual health fitness goals.
JL F.I.T. Personal Trainer's are trained and educated properly to help you achieve your health fitness exercise goals quickly and safely. Whether your goal is weight loss, increased strength, improved conditioning, flexibility, or injury prevention, JL F.I.T. will design a program that is right for you.

All of our programs have a core focus based on The Machine Principle:
  • Strength: An underpowered body limits your abilities and is injury prone in real-world situations.
  • Conditioning: Gassing out at the wrong moment is dangerous (and sometimes pathetic).
  • Movement: A body that doesn’t move correctly is malfunctioning or will malfunction because of improper use. A body that can move properly stays balanced, reducing the chance of injury. 
  • Joint Mobility: Proper lubrication of your joints prevents breakdowns and extends the functional life of your body.
  • Longevity: Efficient training with precise form is essential for optimum performance; constantly running your body hard will lead to a shorter functional lifespan. No pain no gain will turn you into a rundown piece of equipment in no time due to injury. Recovery methods are in integral part of this process. 
  • Nutrition: In order to perform optimally, your body needs proper fuel. 
Many clients enjoy boot camps and high intensity programs, people also enjoy the personal attention of one-on-one programs& sessions that are tailored to their specific needs. Once this is achieved we can then focus on increasing performance strength, & intensity. It is important to find a class, personal trainer, or coach that you are comfortable with on many levels. Many of us have the similar issues such as a sore back, tight hamstrings, bad knees, & a weak core. Many people come to us with poor flexibility yet others have great flexibility. Our job is to assist in developing the program best suites your needs.