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Continental U.S. Shipping: Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii:

  8kg=$15.95 ea.
10kg=$17.00 ea.
12kg=$18.95 ea.
14kg=$22.00 ea.

16kg=$25.95 ea.
18kg=$28.00 ea.
20kg=$33.95 ea.
22kg=$36.00 ea.
24kg=$39.95 ea.
26kg=$41.50 ea.
28kg=$42.95 ea.
32kg=$44.95 ea.
36kg=$60.95 ea.
40kg=$66.95 ea.
44kg=$72.95 ea.
48kg=$76.95 ea.

 8kg=$39.00 ea. (Priority Mail)
10kg=4$4.00 ea. (Priority Mail)

12kg=$49.00 ea. (Priority Mail)
14kg=$55.50 ea. (Priority Mail)
16kg=$62.00 ea. (Priority Mail)
18kg=$68.00 ea. (Priority Mail)
20kg=$74.00 ea. (Priority Mail)
22kg=$79.50 ea. (Priority Mail)
24kg=$85.00 ea. (Priority Mail)
 26kg=$101.50 ea. (Priority Mail)
  28kg=$114.00 ea. (Priority Mail)
32kg=$139.95 ea. (UPS)        
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8kg (17.6 lbs) ELITE KB [Pink]


Price: $54.95 + Shipping       

12kg (26.5 lbs) ELITE KB [Blue]


Price: $64.95 + Shipping       

10kg (22.0 lbs) ELITE KB [Sky Blue]


Price: $59.95 + Shipping       

14kg (30.8 lbs) ELITE KB [Light Brown]


Price: $69.95 + Shipping