You might if your regular exercise routine has become dull lately.  Boredom can undermine your best intentions and you won't be able to attain your goals.   When physical activity is no longer challenging it is much easier to find excuses for not doing it.

What can you do?  Mix it up? Summer, winter, spring, and or fall  is a great time to add new physical activities, outdoors or inside, to boost your interest and keep your exercise engine going. You might choose to join a water class as part of your weekly routine, or start each morning of your vacation with a tandem bike ride. Even a power walk through an outlet mall can provide a different twist on your usual walking circuit.

If you are used to exercising alone it might be a great idea to try a class. There are so many options and if you are open minded enough to take the challenge on, you might find a new interest. It could be a step class, martial arts class, tennis lesson or game, cycling, or even ballroom dancing.

Changing your  activity not only helps some people enjoy exercise more, it may encourage them to keep exercising while others are still doing the same routine.  Kick it up a notch. Your body will thank you!

When you do the same type of exercise exclusively, your body builds certain specific strengths. By switching your activity mode, you broaden your physical abilities. You don't ever want your body to plateau. You want to constantly shock your system and body so it does not know what is lurking around the corner. This will cause you to feel sore in places where you might have forgotten that you have muscles.

  • Start out easy and slow.

  • Keep your intensity lower and the time shorter for your new physical endeavor.  

  • Give yourself time to learn the specific skills or techniques needed for proficiency.

  • Consider your new interest an addition to your regular routine until you progress to your usual level of exertion. You want to implement the new exercises with the old to create the best total body workout possible. 
Do you enjoy walking for exercise?  Taking up hiking is a great alternative.  Hiking over natural terrain burns more calories than brisk walking and it's a lot more fun. What's more, when you go hiking on a scenic trail, you'll usually spend more time at it than when you walk around a boring track.

Bike riding can be an all-weather change to your exercise routine as well.   When it's dry out, cycle in a local park, along specially marked bike lanes, or with a cycling group of friends. In rain or cold, use a stationary bike indoors. You might enjoy joining a stationary bike or spinning class, in which you follow the instruction of the teacher who directs you through a routine.  The possibilities are endless.  Good Luck!  


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