It is no secret that during the holiday season it is very tough to keep up with a healthy diet and fitness program.  Most of use will become lazy as if everything other than the holiday itself does not exists.  We then take the opportunity to over-indulge in every way possible. 

It is quite simple to see why people can so easily fall into such bad habits during the holiday season. It is everywhere we go. There is always a glass of wine, egg nog, holiday cookies,homemade stuffing or pumpkin pie conveniently located in front of us.  I would not be polite for you to not accept what is being offered.  You have to have the will power and respect to say No Thank You!!! 

 Healthy eating is a national obsession for us all, the majority of the year. Yet, as soon as the seasons begin to change and the word Thanksgiving is upon us, the conscience swings the other way as the nation attempts to eat as much unhealthy, rich food as possible.  Here are a few tips to think about when preparing for your holiday festivities.  

Exercise- YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GREAT!  Make your extra time productive time . You will be sure to burn off the excess calories and fat consumed over this period. It will also get you into the habit of exercising, and you can continue your fitness routine once the holiday season comes to a close.

Be SMART about what ingredients you are using for your dishes.  There is no EXCUSE to not cook with yummy and healthy ingredients.  You don't have to fry, you can grill meats and veggies. You can also steam your vegetables to retain the nutrients.

 Balance your meals. If you know you have 3 events to attend this does not mean that you have to have a full meal at each.  You need to plan ahead so you are not STARVING at each event. You can indulge in some healthy, low fat, snacks ( homemade Granola, Trail Mix, Egg dishes, or protein) throughout the day. You will have more energy, not feel bad about a bite of a special treat, and not overeat.

 Be STRONG! You do not have to accept everything that is presented or offered to you.  If you are not hungry or thirsty than simply say "No Thank You"  

Indulging and enjoying in food, drinks & travel is a TREAT and should be enjoyed during the  holiday season!!  There is nothing wrong in that, in moderation. Do you host a family gathering? Are you the family that cooks the Turkey or brings the stuffing? The holiday season can also be a very  stressful time, and we need plenty of energy and stamina to manage getting through it all and staying healthy. This is why it is so important to balance the treats with healthy foods, vitamins, and rest so that the body can handle all of the personalities, challenges, travels, and, family drama that may arise.

Being aware does not mean that you can't enjoy!  You have one life to live so you should live it.  Why not live it and feel your best?  By taking a few extra minutes, effort, and preparation you can enjoy a healthy, fun, relaxing and successful holiday season.  Wishing all of you a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!  Gobble Gobble.......

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