What shoes are right for your feet?Do you know what kind of shoes are right for YOUR feet?  Wearing the right shoe can help in preventing poor stability, improving arch support (if needed), & better performance.  There are a number of points to take into account when picking out your workout kicks, which are, but not limited to considerations like fit,injury prevention, & foot structure.  
There are 3 categories that feet are broken into which are normal arch, high arch, flat foot (no arch).  Do you know what type of foot you have?  You can make an impression of your foot by standing on a surface that will leave the imprint of your foot.  
-Normal Arch- leaves an imprint that clearly shows an arch but, the forefoot and the heel are connected by a thick band
-High Arch- leaves an imprint of a forefoot and a heel with little or no connection between the two.
-Flat foot- this imprint in which almost the entire bottom of the foot is in contact with the floor.
There are 26 bones in the foot ,33 joints, 107 ligaments, & 19 muscles and tendons.  Proper technique and support for and around your foot is crucial to a successful program. Shoes can wear down in different places and one way to tell if a shoe is worn down is by if you are experiencing shin splints, knee pain, or discomfort in other leg joints.  

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