The Benefits of Water WorkoutsTired of  training with only  the machines and weights?  How about splashing around in the pool while gaingng Muscular Strength, Endurance, Toning, and Flexibility?  The best workout that truly is non-impact is a water workout.  There are so many exercises such as weight training, jogging, & high impact aerobics that cause stress to the joints and quicker deterioration if not mixed with additional low- impact and exercises and cardio programs.   Water workourts can also assist in improved circulation (especially in the lower legs) because you control how slow or fast you perform the movement.  
Water workouts can suit the needs of everyone. It will help world class or injured athletes, a physically impaired person, an overweight person or just a general exercise enthusiast.  Maximizing the benefits of water workouts is done by increasing resistance.  This is done by pushing through the water faster and harder similar to lifting heavy weight over light weight.  You will burn the most calories when changing up the resistance which allows the muscle workload to vary causing the body to burn more or less calories. 
It is so important to not cause additional stress and extra work on already sore muscles or an injured back, or knees (two of the most common).  Some of the best moves to still get a great workout in water, if you need more advanced challenges, are to incorporate hand paddles, kick boards, noodles, fins, arm weights.  It is also important to work through your full range of motion in each exercise since there is no additional stress on the joints that you may get when you are training outside of the water. Mixing up your workout is always best so grab your swim suit, find a great pool, & enjoy a nice but challenging workout that will guarantee results that will be pain free.  
Some examples of movements to do in the pool are :
-arm circles- 30 seconds each directions
-Leg Flutter Kicks- Kick as fast as possible for 30 seconds in a prone position
-Knees into your chest- (Marching in place) 30 seconds working through your full range of motion
-Jogging or lunging across the length of the pool- You can mix up walking and jogging and stand in chest deep-5-10x's back and forth.
I suggest you adding this workout as a cool down, warm-up or in addition to a heavy strength training day to help with recovery and keeping your muscles loose.  Enjoy

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