We have to make many choices each and everyday and that includes what exercises are the best for us to attain our goals?  Included are a few advantages & disadvantages of free weights & machine training to help make your decision a little easier.  I hope this is helpful to you maximizing and optimizing your workouts! 

Advantages of Free Weights/ Kettlebells 

  • Kettlebells & Dumbbells are more versatile
  • Greater overall health can be attained
  • Kettlebells & Dumbbells are more effective in developing the smaller synergistic (helping) muscles & stabilizer muscles
  • Kettlebell & Dumbbells take up less space

Disadvantages of Free Weights / Kettlebells

  • Certain exercises, it is difficult to derive maximum isolation of a specific muscle or muscle group
  • You need a larger amount of space and it can become a hazard if unorganized and people use them in a small area
  • Adjusting weight & plates with clips can be a very time consuming task/ordeal.

Advantages of Machines

  • Less time is usually wanted on machines because there is not a need for a spotters, (unless lifting very heavy), and therefore faster workouts may be possible
  • Specific Machines are more efficient in isolating a muscle or muscle group for more efficient overload.

Disadvantages of Machines

  • Many machines are very specialized so in order to attain an effective workout it can be very expensive and much floor space is needed.
  • The majority of machines are constructed for the average person.  Short and tall people find it very tough to use many of the machines on the market.

Variety is KEY

Different pieces of equipment, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. all have a purpose and the trick if finding out which combination best suites you and or your clients objectives and needs. Good luck!!

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