Nutrients we need from vitamins Nutrition in Vitamins?  Vitamins are a combination of different complex organic substances. Your body needs nutrients like your car needs the correct gasoline to run properly.
 They are mainly found in plants, herbs, animal tissues, & are required in small doses so they can be metabolically processed.  Everyone needs vitamins and if you are an athlete or an active person your body has an even greater need. Our bodies are machines and need certain nutrients to run correctly and stay healthy.
 There is a reason & purpose for all of the different vitamins that you see on your grocers shelves.  They each have a specific responsibility and many times have the same nutrients as food but we may need more or less of a particular substance.  A few factors to determine what vitamins are best for you can be if you are a woman or a man, pregnant, have arthritis, genetics, & of course your personal training regimen.  Your 7 layers of muscle tissue are also made up of approximately 80% of water so replenishing is very important and can also assist so that your liver can metabolize your body fat.  Water helps to flush all of the toxins out of your body and it is a must.

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