"No pain, no gain." Is this what you believe when you are heading into your fitness class or personal training session? Do you believe that you will only see and feel progress if pain is involved? In fact, if you experience pain after your exercise routine and still continue to exercise in spite of the pain, you may in actuality be traumatizing your joints and muscles which may lead to further injury. If you have 3-5 moderate to high intensity workouts combined with stretching (this will vary for everyone) and a solid cardio program a week you will be working your entire body and not focusing on one muscle group which will allow you to fire your muscles correctly feeling a healthy and different burn each and every workout. You will still  be able to function and get through your daily routine. Your body will be recharged and ready to conquer anything. Think about it. If your knee starts to hurt, it is going to make you stop and think even for a second because the pain was not there an hour, day, or month ago and it is your body telling you that something unusual is going on. Discomfort is different than pain. Pain does not mean "this is a successful workout." Discomfort should subside over time as your muscles get stronger. Listen to your body!
It is important to allow a sufficient amount of time to rest so that your muscles can heal and repair. If you fail to short your muscles on rest periods, the proper supplementation, nutrition and stretching then you may be causing lasting damage to ligaments and muscles. Does this sound like positive motivation? Listen to your body and it will not let you down. You want your workout to be enjoyable so have fun while challenging yourself to new levels of conditioning.

Why do we exercise and why is important to lead a healthy lifestyle?
  • To feel happy and have a positive outlook
  • Assist the body with fighting acute and chronic disease
  • To help manage and maintain a healthy weight
  • To sleep sound and feel refreshed when you wake

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